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Social Organizations

Stay in constant contact with your Organization!
Be more connected with members of your organization with Globatext's All-in-One messaging service. Remember, you don't need to pay for a separate emailing service, mobile texting service, or IM service.
Create your organization's own Mobile Keywords

People can text your mobile keyword to Globatext's short code (70000) to join your mobile distribution list. Automated messages can also be setup to be texted immediately back to your members.

Send weekly updates via text or email

Globatext has many stylish HTML email templates for you to keep your members engaged with weekly organization updates. Or, if you want to reach them sooner, send a reminder text about the next upcoming event.

Here's an example:
A member texts "YourOrgName" to 70000
An automated text message is sent right back. It says something similar to, "Social Action meetings happen every Wed morning in the main hall @ 7:30. Park cleaning this Friday with Town Mayor on Sunday so join us!"
This person has opted in to join your mobile list by texting your keyword. Now, using Globatext, you can text this person in the future to keep him/her connected.
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