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SMS Appointment Reminders

Keep everybody reminded with Globatext's Mobile Reminder service
You won't lose revenue anymore because of missed appointments and reservations because Globatext's Mobile Text Reminder will keep your clients reminded for you.

Tell your clients you care and increase your revenue by sending them non-intrusive text reminders. This technology is currently the most effective and efficient way to keep your business running at full capacity because it pays for itself and you can set and send them up in minutes. Plus, all you will need is a computer with internet access to setup.

If you currently ask your staff to call customers or patients to remind them of appointments, you need to try Globatext’s SMS appointment reminder service.

Here's an easy 3-step process to set up a mobile text reminder

And it's THAT simple!

You also have options to:
  • Easily add new contact information to your database and set appointment times
  • Get comprehensive search results of existing contacts in seconds
  • Queued reminders can be edited or cancelled anytime

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