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Send Bulk SMS

Reliable High Volume Bulk SMS Text Messaging for Businesses and Organizations
Businesses and organizations utilize Globatext's web-based software for its Mobile Keyword technology and Bulk Texting Services. They utilize the Mobile Keywords to get people to opt-in to their mobile distribution list and then use Globatext to send Bulk SMS Text Messages to their accumulated lists.
With Globatext's BULK SMS Texting you can..
  • Send and receive text messages anywhere via our easy-to-use web user interface, your mobile phone, or our robust SMS API
  • Collect mobile phone numbers using Mobile Keywords or import a list of opt-in numbers
  • Tie your mobile phone to your account so that when you're not in front of a computer you can send out a single text message from your phone and text everyone in a distribution list
  • Setup recurring and automated messages to be sent out at certain days and times of the week, month, or year
  • Schedule messages for future delivery time
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