With Globatext, you can combine the power of SMS, MMS, Instant Messaging, Email, Facebook and Twitter!


Retail Stores

Stay in touch with your customers. Launch mobile marketing campaigns to keep your customers engaged

Instant Alerts

Notify your customers when you are planning a big sale, new products or special discounts.

More Business

Launch just-in-time campaigns to fill your store during off peak hours.

Mobile Coupons

Effectively drive foot traffic to your storefront with enticing mobile coupons.
2 Easy Ways to Collect Customer's Contact Info!
To collect customers' contact information, you can create a mobile keyword (ex. STORE). Promote your keyword in-store and in marketing materials, directing customers to text STORE to 70000 to receive specials.
You can also create a sign-up page on your website that captures customers' mobile numbers and allows them to opt-into the promotions you offer.
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