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Restaurants thrive on Mobile Coupons

Consumers love coupons, but restaurants struggle to turn deal seeking consumers into return customers. Over 90% of Americans have SMS enabled telephones and consumers are more receptive to mobile marketing than ever. Capitalize on the growing mobile marketing trend and foster consumer loyalty with a Mobile Rewards program, powered by Globatext.

Create a custom mobile keyword and integrate it into your existing advertising efforts. Customers can text your mobile keyword to short code 70000 to opt-in to your rewards program. Those numbers automatically get added to your company's mobile distribution list so you can send periodic notifications and mobile coupons.


Here's an example:

1. A customer texts "PASTA" to 70000 to opt-in to the distribution list

2. The customer receives an automated subscription message: "Thanks for joining our VIP List! Show this text to receive a free slice of pizza with your next purchase"

3. Send mobile coupons or notifications to your mobile distribution list using the Globatext interface

Text Messaging is the perfect way to get the word out about:
Daily Specials
Discounts (50% off your next purchase)
Freebies (get a free basket of chicken wings with your next visit)
Any important announcement, news or updates
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