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Picture/Video Messaging

Meet MMS
MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is a mobile phone's way of sending images and videos. This technology allows users to share beyond the 160-characters because now they can send multimedia files to their friends.
Globatext's Mobile Marketing at its best because now you can send sounds, images and videos!

It has been proven that MMS messages get 2 to 3 times more response rate than SMS because of its compelling nature. With MMS, brands and advertisers alike can harvest a fast and powerful tool of sending messages.

Strengthen your brand, increase your sales, make successful events, and have a blast with your mobile marketing campaign!

The Power Of MMS

With Globatext's BULK SMS Texting you can..
Increase Direct Response Rate
Because of its interactivity, MMS videos increaseuser interest and boost direct response rate from people that are tired of just seeing boring text
Target MMS
Send MMS messages to specific target groups. communicate to the people you want and get your message heard right away
Personal MMS
Send unique, customized MMS messages to individual people one at a time so it has the most impact. Make each recipient feel special.
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