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Keywords and Short codes

What's a Mobile Keyword and a Short Code.

Mobile Keyword

A Mobile Keyword is a unique word that your customers or subscribers will send a text message to in order to join your mobile list. For example, you might instruct a customer to "Text VIP to 70000 to join our VIP list" where VIP is the Keyword. Or you might use "Text PIZZA to 70000 to receive a coupon for 50% your next Pizza at Gino's Pizzeria" where PIZZA is the keyword

Short Codes: 70000

A short code is a special telephone numbers that are 5 digits long that are used instead of regular length telephone numbers to send and receive SMS and MMS from customers to businesses.
Mobile Keyword Marketing.
Why is Mobile Keyword Marketing so good and fit for your business? Simply because you can increase your read rate by as much as 90% and response rate by 25%. People opt-in when they choose to subscribe to a keyword, increasing the relevance of the people who will receive information from a business. People can also unsubscribe anytime and this level of control is why mobile marketing is more impactful to end-users than direct mail, email marketing, and other traditional marketing channels.
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