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Email Marketing

Businesses depend of three forms of messaging – Email, Mobile and Social Networking.
Globatext’s email marketing can be utilized when you need to broadcast more information than what can be sent in an SMS. Send an email blast for your upcoming promotions or spread the news about a new product launch. With Globatext, you can stay one step ahead of the competition.
Email Marketing Features
  • Totally web-based access allows you to work anywhere without any installed software
  • Professionally-designed email templates
  • Automated messages scheduled for a future date
  • Repeated messages
  • Auto-responder emails
  • Send to a list or individuals
  • Send from multiple email addresses
  • Send message from any PC, Mac or even phone
  • Mail-merge names for customized messages
  • Filter recipients by telephone area code
  • Replies are forwarded to any and multiple email addresses
  • Create online sign-up form or widget for people to opt-in
  • Professionally-designed online sign-up form templates
  • Distribution list and contact database management
  • List clean-up, import (opt-in only) and export
  • Automated unsubscribe or block
  • 98%+ deliverability
  • Message failure tracking and reporting. Bulk removal.

To make this service even better, your email campaign is partnered with text messaging and social networking posts. You can send your targeted recipients with emails announcements of your coming events or promos, then follow through it with a blast of text remiders, and last but not the least, post the latest update on social networks. keeping in touch with customers has never been this easy thanks to Globatext's amazing Mobile Marketing.

Combine the power of three highly effective advertising tools (mobile, email, and social networks) and pay for just the price of one. Stat ahead of the competition and boost your campaign’s effectiveness with Globatext.

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