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Doctors and Dentists

Dental and Doctor's offices are increasingly turning to mobile technology to interact with patients. Globatext allows medical offices to decrease no-shows and increase efficiency.
Doctor's offices nationwide use Globatext to:

1. Communicate with patients more effectively. Unlike direct mail reminders or voice messages, your SMS appointment reminders are instantly consumable by the receiver.

2. Reduce no-shows. Allow patients to conveniently cancel and reschedule appointments via email or SMS - their preferred methods of communication - to reduce the number of missed appointments.

3. Eliminate time wasted calling patients. Many patients prefer digital communication to intrusive phone calls. Save your front office staff time and energy by having patients opt-in to text messages, and out of reminder calls.

Setting up Appointment Reminders is Easy
Sign in to Globatext.
Set the date and time for the appointment, select the recipient and the message.
Click "Send The Reminder" button.
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